Five Reasons a Custom Built Computer is for You

The Pros of Building Your Own Computer

Customization is one of the biggest elements in business and marketing today. After all, everyone likes to have a product designed specifically with them in mind. So, when it comes to technology, we are no different. If your preference is a specific size, color, capability, speed, et cetera, many people are finding that simply going to the local big box tech store and purchasing a computer is not enough. Today, many people are choosing to build their own computer – or have a customized computer with your specifications built for you.

But is a custom built computer really all that big of a deal? Isn’t one computer the same as another just so long as it meets the basic needs of the user? No, because not all computer usage is the same. Those who use a computer primarily for office related work will have different needs from one who does a great deal of art/graphic design, and the serious gamer will have other needs in a pc than either of these.
So, if you are tired of spending time reading the specs on computers and find yourself wanting an upgrade that meets all your needs, it may be time to consider a custom built PC. Here are five reasons that a custom built computer is for you.

  1. Cost – Oftentimes, it is cheaper to build your own computer. Buying the parts individually, might mean a bit of time spent researching the right piece, but it is cheaper than paying the “professionals” to put together the parts for you. Also, by opting to build your computer yourself, you can take your time and buy a piece at time rather having to purchase the whole thing at once.
  2. Choice of hardware –You can select what parts you want to use rather than merely getting the company brand. Building your own PC means that you can select the case size and color, choose whatever built-in elements (memory card, hard drive size, liquid cooling or air cooling, motherboard, power supply, etc.) you want so that your computer will perform, as you need. It should also be noted that in buying individual parts, that you often get longer warranties and guarantees than those common in buying a factory built pc.
  3. Choice of operating systems – You can easily choose what operating system you prefer and avoid programs that are not needed. Whether you want Linux rather than Windows, it won’t matter because you can run whatever works for you.
  4.  No Bloat ware -Choosing your own software, also means avoiding bloat ware. Typically, computer manufacturers will install software on their machines in an attempt to set themselves apart from their competition. In reality, this software, also known as bloat ware, is something you end up either not knowing about, not using, or having to uninstall.
  5. Upgrading is easy – When you custom build your computer you can plan ahead for those elements you want later. Most PC manufacturers don’t want you to be able to upgrade your pc when it begins to slow down or a part needs replacing. In fact, some companies make it nearly impossible to upgrade your pc, which means that your only choice is to purchase a new computer. When you build your own pc, making changes or swapping out pieces is easy.

Having a custom built computer is a fantastic way to have a system that works exactly as you need, and at a price much more budget friendly. Don’t feel trapped by purchasing a pc that doesn’t meet your expectations, build your own. If you have any questions about how to design the computer system of your dreams, give us a call. We would love to help you.

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