How to Protect Your Data – External Hard Drive Backup

Today’s blog is about protecting your computer from lost data.

In other words your music, your pictures, your financial information, and pretty much anything that you have on your computer.

You’ve probably heard of computer viruses like ransom ware, cryptolocker or the FBI virus. These are just a few of the hundreds of viruses that are floating around the internet today.  This is where computer hackers install a virus that takes over your computer and holds your data for ransom.  They tell you to pay them to get your data back. If you pay you may or may not get your data back. After all these are the bad guys that stole your data in the first place.

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Causes of Data Loss

Data loss is not just the result of a malicious virus. It can be from a failed hard drive, power surge, your computer is bumped while running, extreme heat that causes the circuit board to fail, or any number of things that leads to the loss of your data.


Sometimes your data can be recovered. Sometimes it can’t. Bring your computer to into our computer repair center and we will tell you what can be done.

How To Backup Your Data

If you’ve ever lost your data, you already know that it’s not a happy experience and can be very costly to recover IF it can be recovered. That’s why it’s important to have preventive measures in place BEFORE data loss occurs. You do have some options here. You could pay for a cloud-based service like Carbonite to backup your data. There are several paid services available that will do this for you. However, you are relying on someone else to keep your data safe.

The other option is to back up your data yourself to an external hard drive that you can connect to your laptop, desktop or your router and once connected you’ve created your own personal portable cloud storage. If you’re in need of a external hard drive we have one for you. We carry a variety of 1TB, 2TB, 5TB external hard drives that will do the job.

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