Why Buy a Desktop?

In the age of mobile computing, the idea of a big heavy box that has to sit in one place may seem absurd. While it is true that computing is getting much lighter and easier to take with you, there is still a lot of reasons to buy a desktop computer for your home.

Big Monitors

You aren’t going to find a laptop or a tablet with a 27” screen. You sure aren’t going to find one that has two 27” screens! This kind of versatility is not a problem for a desktop computer.

Nothing can compete with a desktop for, well, desktop space. This can be critical if you are doing tasks like photo editing or serious research. Having the ability to litter your screens with open windows that are easily clicked between can make some tasks much easier. This just cannot be achieved with a laptop or a tablet.

Raw Computing Power

One thing drives the portable computing market: power consumption. Since all portable devices are slaves to their battery, they simply cannot put in the same amount of computing power that a desktop can have. You can see this reflected in the hardware that is put into them.

Applications like video editing, gaming and photo finishing are just made easier with the computing power available on a desktop. Can you do these things on a laptop? Of course you can. But you can do them better and faster — and often cheaper — with a desktop.

Expandability and Upgrades

Running out of storage space on your hard drive? That’s no problem for a desktop. Just drop another hard drive inside. Graphics card slowing down with newer games? No worries, just upgrade to a newer model.

A desktop gives you plenty of room to expand and upgrade as time goes on. Moore’s Law (the one that says computing power doubles every two years) has given us a crazy hardware release curve. Having to buy a new laptop to stay up to date on the latest hardware gets very expensive. When you buy a desktop, you have the freedom to expand your computer to your needs as well as upgrade individual parts instead of having to purchase a whole new system.

Stable and Secure Storage

While the cloud offers us flexible access to our files, the jury is still out on the security that is offered to your files. After all, you trust another person to store all of your information. A desktop will allow you to keep your data to yourself.

Desktops easily pull double duty as file and storage machines. That doesn’t mean having to install expensive software, either. You can use your simple desktop machine with a backup routine to store all of your important data and have it safe and secure somewhere. There are plenty of cloud services that will also allow you to synchronize the data you do want to share with other devices as well!

When it comes to home computers, the choice to buy a desktop just makes sense. Come look at the desktops that Computer Renaissance has to offer. You can find one that fits your specific computing needs today!

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