We Sell and Trade New and Refurbished Computers

Environmentally Friendly Computer Repair
Is a new system custom built to fit your needs what you want? At Computer Renaissance that is exactly what you can get. We custom build computer systems for people every day and we back each one with our warranty. We use top of the line computer products that will have you ahead of the pack, whether you need it for the office, home or for gaming. Whatever your needs are, we will custom build a computer for you.

We also provide value based solutions by offering factory refurbished computers at a fraction of their original cost from manufacturers like Dell, Gateway, HP, IBM, Compaq, and more. All of our refurbished computer systems pass manufacturer testing to verify high performance, quality standards and are backed by our nationwide warranty. Also, because we are solution focused, rather than manufacturer driven, we work with you to find the ideal products that deliver the results that fit your needs.

What is better than new computer equipment? The best used equipment is refurbished computers by certified Computer Renaissance technicians and ready to go, with a nationwide warranty and lots of computing power. In many cases this equipment is better than new. It’s cost effective and backed with our Computer Renaissance Service.

And when your needs change, upgrade at Computer Renaissance! Your current equipment can sometimes have value. We take trade-ins and apply their value toward your purchase with us. Even if you’re replacing it with a new system, talk to Computer Renaissance about pricing and trade-ins. It’s what make us unique to other stores.

We’re Computer Renaissance and we’re all about “Solutions”!


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